Special Reports

15 Legal Tricks That Could Make You a Social Security Millionaire

Sitting back and assuming that Social Security is going to give you what you’ve earned is no longer a viable option. A few years back, a Time magazine investigation determined that a married couple retiring after both spouses earned average income will receive $42,000 less in Social Security payments than they contributed to the system in taxes. In a separate study, Social Security Advisors, a high-end consultancy firm in Manhattan, found that 71% of married couples are missing out on an average of $120,000. Their clients were owed this money from Social Security, but for any number of reasons, they were never able to collect on it. The only way to stop this is to take matters into your own hands. And we’re going to help you. Click here to read more.

Marijuana 2.0: Four Stocks Set to Soar Over 1,000%

The end of marijuana prohibition is the defining social event of our generation. After decades of outright prohibition, legal cannabis is radically changing how we soothe our aches and pains, reverse chronic health problems, melt stress, and relieve depression. It’s also changing how quickly we can amass wealth, transforming ordinary folks into millionaires. If you heed what I’m about to tell you, 2018 could be your most profitable year ever. For years now, I’ve told everyone who’d listen: Cannabis legalization is the biggest opportunity to hit the stock market since old Joe Kennedy made $1 billion buying distilleries just before alcohol prohibition ended. It will make you rich, if you let it. And here’s another nugget I have for you that you can take to the bank… Click here to read more.

The Defense Sector is on Fire: Profit with These Four Triggers

Defense spending is exploding. In this report, we’ll put eyes-on tomorrow’s theater of battle, so you can invest ahead of it – today. Cyberattacks. Troll armies on the internet. Unpredictable enemies. Fighting in crowded cities against terrorist enterprises… This is the fight for our future. And on each of these fronts, the Pentagon is tapping the talents of U.S. companies. Handing out billions in contracts. And investors who get on board with this massive trend can line their wallets with cold, hard cash. Click here to read more.

The Ultimate Playbook: Hard Assets and Personal Finance

Investors deserve an action plan to protect their wealth and move to financial safety amid uncertainty about America’s future. Fortunately, there’s an effective two-tiered strategy to preserve the value of your current wealth, to ensure greater peace of mind, and to position yourself for the long road ahead. Not only will this show you on which hard assets you must consider, but it will also help you shore up your short-term and long-term financial situation to prepare for what lies ahead. Click here to start getting your financial house in order.

The 2018 Guide to Wealth 10 Ways to Lock in Profits in 2018

Making money in 2018 will be as easy as reaching out your hand and grabbing it. Recognizing the major investing themes that are ready to go and riding their momentum is the only way to go this year. While there’s major money to be made by correctly picking winners and losers, that can be the hardest thing to do with stocks. The easiest, smartest, and most financially rewarding way to play stocks and markets is by riding trends. Here’s what is moving stocks in 2018, and how to capitalize on these foresights… Click here to read more.

These Restaurant Stocks Are Heading into Oblivion – Here’s How You Cash In

At this point, there is no doubt you are familiar with the deteriorating landscape for brick and mortar retailers worldwide. It’s only going to get worse for retail companies that either cannot or will not change their ways and move into the modern era. But capitalizing on the downfall of these archaic companies is one of the best ways to make the most money on Wall Street. Fortunately (for us), retail is not the only sector where companies are about to implode. The contagion has already spread to other consumer areas, and the retail story is about to play out there, too. Rather than waxing nostalgic with a bit of melancholy, think of this as a giant opportunity to make some serious money. And there is plenty to be made – if you know what you’re doing. Click here to read more.

How to Retire at 60: Your Action Plan to Make the Most of Your Golden Years

Retirement is likely to be one of the most formidable financial challenges most Americans ever face. A telling statistic from CNBC reveals the median savings for all American working-age families (aged 31 to 62)… is just $5,000. Helping our Members meet that challenge is why Keith and his team put together the special report – more of a road map, really. How to Retire at 60: Your Action Plan to Make the Most of Your Golden Years is going to show you, step-by-step, what you can do immediately to help secure a comfortable retirement. Whether you’re in your forties, your fifties, or even into your sixties (it’s never too late to start), you’ll find exactly what you need to get started right here.

Five Ways to Double Your Profit Potential as Tesla Sets the Energy Standard​

For millions of investors and most Wall Street analysts, Tesla is just an electric car company. But in reality, Tesla is the single biggest disruptor since the iPhone. And, it’s a “utility killer.” Investing in Tesla is not just about the company itself but also about the thousands of companies it will wipe out along the way – and the enormous profit potential created as it happens. Click here to view the full report.

The New Arms Race: Double Your Money As This Company Takes the Fight to America’s Enemies​

America’s threats from ISIS, Iran, North Korea, Russia and even China are, in a word, ‘existential,’ but forget bombs, bullets, and brigades… Today, unseen enemies have made bits and bytes their weapon of choice. These threats are so serious more than 100 countries are building up military cyber-commands to combat these enemies on a new battlefield. Many investors don’t think of it this way, but to be blunt, America is looking at a new arms race worth trillions over the next years. That’s why I’ve spent thousands of hours researching the cyber security sector as a whole, and why I want to tell you about this one company in particular doing just that. Click here to view the full report.

Five Total Wealth Principles to Use Today (and Every Day from Now On)

I’ve talked to thousands of investors over the years who are absolutely convinced that they need to understand the market’s most complicated nuances to get ahead. In reality, though, success comes down to just five things that I call the Total Wealth Principles. Get these right, and you can make more money with less risk while enjoying a peace of mind that the vast majority of investors will never have. To view the Five Total Wealth Principles, click here.

Three Ways to Profit from a Market Correction

As markets gyrate wildly, this special report by Keith Fitz-Gerald can serve as your investment compass. Click here to view the full report.

Never Use This One Trading Tactic

My mission and vision is to help you uncover tremendous wealth-building opportunities, maximize your profits with the best trading tactics, and (perhaps most importantly) protect what you have. Many investors think they have this covered but, in reality, the savviest investors are always on the hunt to learn new tactics in the pursuit of profits. Like a chef who discovers new ingredients, they are constantly improving the “recipes” they use for success. You’re going to get the best tactics for this market, for particular sectors, and for every situation. Before we start, though, I need you to make me a promise: That you will NEVER use this one trading tactic we’re going to talk about today. Ironically, this is one tactic that comes naturally to all of us and a mainstay investment principle used by 99% of the population. But it undercuts everything else you do as an investor. Click here to read more.

Why You Should Always Own Stocks

Mention the words “Risk Management” and most investors get a look that’s somewhere between “bored” and “terrified.” It’s not that they don’t want to control risk; they’re just not sure how and they don’t make it a priority. Yet the most direct path to building a fortune is not losing your money in the first place. All you really need is a handful of tools – which I’m going to walk you through one by one in the coming weeks – and the discipline to enforce them. One you’re probably already familiar with is a Trailing Stop. They’re usually automatic sell orders set at a specific % below the market price of the investment you hold or at some predetermined dollar amount of risk on a given investment. While people typically think of Trailing Stops as downside protection, in fact, they can be used to lock in profits, too. That’s why I recommend using them on almost every investment. Click here to read more.

The Most Direct Path to Building a Fortune

On the heels of the worst volatility in nearly 20 years, and more “crash talk” than we’ve heard maybe ever, it’s starting to look like a smart time to hit the eject button and get out of the markets altogether. In fact, that’s probably the most common question I’m hearing these days: “Do I really want to be in stocks right now?” Believe me, I get it. Folks are emotionally shattered from seeing their wealth cut in half twice – once in 2000 and again in 2007-08. That’s why 55% of Americans have no money in the stock market at all, according to a Federal Reserve Board analysis from last year. I think the number is actually higher, because of the anecdotal evidence I gather on a daily basis. That means hundreds of millions of people are missing this blindingly simple tactic. Click here to read more.